How to make GIS work for small towns

Geographic information systems simplify local government management a great deal: instead of having data in various formats (be it on paper, as a Word document, an Excel sheet, or on a CD), you can access everything through a single online application. Electricity, tax parcels, roads, land use, street lights…all your data is in the application, ready for your use whenever you need it. Access data in a few seconds, and update it is easily, with no extensive training required.


Make GIS Affordable For All Your Customers

The problem: Traditional GIS is too expensive or too complicated to use for your clients. They are reluctant to use a complicated system that requires extensive training, licences and desktop installation.

The solution: Cleerio’s geolocation asset management system provides data access and management that is easy to use, affordable, entirely online and accessible from all devices. It adds value to your suite of services and meets your clients’ needs while giving you a competitive edge.