How to make GIS work for small towns

Geographic information systems simplify local government management a great deal: instead of having data in various formats (be it on paper, as a Word document, an Excel sheet, or on a CD), you can access everything through a single online application. Electricity, tax parcels, roads, land use, street lights…all your data is in the application, ready for your use whenever you need it. Access data in a few seconds, and update it is easily, with no extensive training required.

GIS has long been a must for large cities, but smaller municipalities may not have the budget to pay for large software packages with annual licence fees.

At Cleerio, we appreciate that the needs of a small town differ from those of a large city. Our GIS solution is tailored to small municipalities’ demands: it is easy to use, affordable with no need to buy a licence every year, and updating the data in the field is simple thanks to our mobile application.

Some of the Cleerio’s functions include:

  • Create an inventory of assets and update it in the field with our mobile application
  • Export data into Excel sheets, and print
  • Choose which data you want to share with the local residents online and much more!

It’s easy to get started with Cleerio. Because of our SaaS solution, no software installation is necessary. We will help you build your first information system and teach you and your staff how to best use Cleerio for your specific projects. Call us today for a free consultation.

Here are three easy steps to start using Cleerio:

  • Contact us. You can call us at +1 (800) 207-5976 (toll-free) or email at to get a free consultation today
  • Try the application on your own data, free of charge
  • Get training and support from us, and start using the application to its fullest