Facility management

Simplifying fire safety in buildings with an online application

Fire safety management can be complex. Fire safety plans, regular fire extinguisher checks, hydrant & water valve locations, evacuation routes and assembly points, sprinklers, ...it’s a lot to keep track of.

Imagine simplifying your work by having all the data visualized on a map, available to you at any time and on any device. Need to print out the evacuation plan with fire assembly points? Want to check if any of your fire extinguishers have expired? Or need to find out the exact locations of the sprinklers and smoke control systems? For anything you need, you know where to go.

Setting up your online application is easy, and requires no software installation:

  1. We process all the data for you, regardless of the format: from scanned documents to shapefiles.
  2. We deliver a ready-to-use online application for unlimited number of users, available also as a mobile app.

Fire prevention planning is vital for the protection of your facilities and the safety of employees.Don’t underestimate its importance and make your facility safer with a Cleerio online application!

Try it for free at https://goo.gl/XYF88r!


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